Published on February 15th, 2013


Black Gay Republican to head GOP in D.C.

Robert Turner, president of the Log Cabin Republicans of Washington, D.C., is expected to step down from that post later this month to become executive director of the D.C. Republican Committee.

Turner was to be appointed to the executive director’s position by Ron Phillips, who was the strong favorite to win election on Jan. 10 as chair of the 126-member DCRC, which serves as the governing body of the city’s Republican Party.

Turner would replace Nick Jeffress, the executive director who resigned at the end of last year and was appointed by outgoing DCRC Chair Robert Kabel.

Kabel, who’s gay and is the former president of the board of the national group Log Cabin Republicans, won election last year as one of D.C.’s representatives on the Republican National Committee. He’s ineligible for another term as DCRC chair because of a term limit rule.

Turner is believed to be the first out gay to serve as executive director of a state or D.C. Republican Party committee.

A native of Austin, Texas, Turner moved to D.C. in 1995 to work as a congressional staff member before starting his own political consulting company, The Turner Group.

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One Response to Black Gay Republican to head GOP in D.C.

  1. dustybugger says:

    I’m a fiscal conservative and a social liberal, born and raised Italian Catholic girl. I don’t care if gay men or women want to get married! Let them get married. Lord knows straight people aren’t getting married anymore and they just shack up with one another and have babies without a marriage commitment. That bothers me 1000x more than gays marrying. It’s going to change nothing, the media (depending on the network) and the younger society has already accepted same sex relationships. It bothers me that during reelection Obama strung the gay community along with the possibility that he was going to reform marriage for them, and as soon as he got into office he declares it’s a “state issue.” If he doesn’t get this done for them, I really hope people think long and hard about the promises that are made next election if it’s actually something that can be accomplished because while this president is putting on a gay marriage side show, he’s pickpocketing us and sending the money to non-productive members of society.

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