Published on November 15th, 2012


Erin Giddens: President Obama’s Re-election Means Nothing for Black Community

We gave President Obama over 90 percent of our vote.The “black pride” factor should take a back seat to our issues. We should now look at how Obama is not addressing issues/concerns of the Black community. 

About: “Erin Giddens is a journalist/blogger for HipHopRepublican.com and Elegance Speaks TV she was born and raised in Southern California. She graduated in 2011 with her BA in Journalism (emphasis in broadcast) from California State University, Northridge. Since college she has pursued her dreams of becoming a sports reporter while working different jobs to support herself. However, Erin could not deny her passion for politics and saw her recent lay off from her full-time job as a dramatic answer to her question: “Lord, what do I need to eliminate so I can do your will?”

Erin recently has started a YouTube channel titled after her blog, Elegance Speaks, and is starting on a project that will be geared towards minority youth. Erin touches on various topics from politics to social and cultural concerns, specifically those that affect the black community. Erin wants to be informative and also wants to be a strong example of a young, black Christian conservative.”

For more information on the isssues I mentioned in this video please read these articles.and OF COURSE I will be discussing other issues as well.

Abortion: http://www.eringiddens.com/2012/09/black-community-has-morals-issues.html

Unemployment: http://www.eringiddens.com/2012/07/black-unemployment-rate-144-percent-in.html

HIV/AIDs : http://www.eringiddens.com/2012/08/hiv-infections-among-american-black.html

YouTube Channel is www.youtube.com/EleganceSpeaks

Website: http://www.eringiddens.com/

Contact: info@eringiddens.com


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