Published on January 24th, 2013


RNC winter meeting: The GOP Must Win Back Urban America

Kevin Williams, a Republican Committeeperson and party activist in Trenton, NJ, doesn’t hold back as he pens a passionate plea in The Washington Post for the leaders of the Republican Party to alter its failed strategy in urban cities before it is too late.  The urban conservative writer and documentarian is calling for the Republican National Committee to put “put its money where its mouth is”.  He is calling for the RNC to require all State and County GOPs, as well as their funded candidates to spend at least 5 percent of their advertising budget on minority or Urban Media/Radio. 

The 168  members of the Republican National Committee (RNC) have officially started their winter meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina, where they will elect the party’s chairman and co-chairman.  

Indeed, many Republicans and conservatives around the country are sure to be nervously glued to C-SPAN or their desktop computers over the next two days, hoping for clear indications of the party’s future. While many of their fellow Americans may be tuned out or turned off from politics after our past election, those of us who continue to pay close attention to national politics realize that this RNC chairman election will be important to the country’s political future. 

Why? Because while the RNC’s winter meeting will be full of politicking for positions, prestige and networking for its members, it is also being held to set the party’s agenda. And after a second loss to Barack Obama, what course the party sets now could determine its long term future.

Whether this agenda includes any thought to the Republican Party’s lack of support in urban areas and minority communities remains to be seen.  Since losing the White House again to President Barack Obama and losing seats in the House and Senate, rank-and-file Republicans have gotten little sense that any lessons were learned from the past election or if their party leaders know how bad things really are out there.  

Source: The Washington Post. Read full article. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/therootdc/post/rnc-winter-meeting-gop-must-chart-a-path-to-win-back-urban-america/2013/01/24/deb1e9d2-6636-11e2-93e1-475791032daf_blog.html

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