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The Democrat Party – A History of Racial Injustice

In my younger days I was your average black leftist, liberal Democrat. During the early 1980′s I started reading about American race relations. I was shocked at what I read and could not accept the historical material. So, I started reading American history during the Civil War era. Again, I was shocked. So, I read the Congressional Globe, which pre-dated the Congressional Record, to read something not filtered through the potential bias of an author. Again, I was shocked to learn about the history of the Democrat Party and how that party laid the foundation that has influenced race relations in America in the past. Those past political actions by the Democrat Party continue, to this day, to exploit the impoverished condition of black Americans, which were caused by the Democrat Party for the purpose of gaining political power.

When our ancestors were freed, the Republican Party saw the freed slave as American citizens with certain natural disadvantages stemming from slavery. Those issues, for a period of time, needed to be addressed so we, as American citizens, could become stable, viable members of the American mosaic, the American Republic, which was continuously being formed out of many people into one people. Therefore, Republicans felt, America must do certain things to assist the freed slave to make the transition from slave to free to become healthy, stable and viable members of our society.

However, during the Civil War era the Democrat Party was against the idea of freeing the slave to become an equal member of the American Republic. Democrats said that America would never and should never accept the freed slave as an equal citizen with equal rights and equal opportunities. Democrat Copperheads created so much fear and hatred for the ex-slave that there was fear the “Negro” would be exterminated.

The 1968 book, Black Scare, shows how the Democrat Party systematically used their media and speeches to institute a hostile and hateful form campaign of racism in mainstream American society which did had not widely existed in America at that time, to negatively influence public opinion against the freed slave:


Democrat Party efforts to deny the freed slave any chance in America produced four options debated in Congress from 1861 to 1863 to answer the question, “What to do with the Negro?”



Republicans supported Option One: complete freedom and equal opportunity to ensure the Negro did not become a degraded social caste producing crime, disease and wards of the state reproducing the “European villain” the peasant class of Europe driven to flee to America for economic opportunity. Republicans said America was created to redress this error of European society and some in America, Democrats, would introduce policies that would recreate the “European villain” in American society, with the Negro occupying the place once occupied by the white European peasant called “the villain.” Republicans reminded democrats that many of them were from the villain class of Europe driven to America a few generations ago. Republicans said the Democrat Party policy of racial discrimination against the Negro, like class discrimination in Europe would reproduce the same kind of criminals and violence seen in London, again. Republicans argued with Democrats why allow racial hatred to cause them to follow a course that would reproduce the foolishness of Europe in America? Republicans said if America was to remain the last, best hope for mankind on the face of the Earth, America must work for the Negro, our own huddled mass of oppressed people. Where else in the world can the Negro go for freedom except America? Therefore, America must let the Negro in, with full equality, for America to remain true to our highest ideals.

Option Two, supported by Lincoln, was the colonization of the freed slave because Lincoln did not believe that America, led by Democrat Party efforts to create widespread hatred of the Negro would allow the freed slave the chance to become stable Americans. So, to nip the impending racial problem in the bud Lincoln felt the freed slave must be removed from the country for their safety and America’s future peace. The hateful rhetoric of Democrat politicians created such hostility toward race among the most uneducated segments of the American population, incoming European immigrants, that were crowding Democrat urban centers that Lincoln himself was eventually assassinated, falling victim to the hateful climate created by Democrats over the future condition of the freed slave in America.



Option Three, a social condition created by Democrat rhetoric and public speeches, was extermination. This option scared and depressed Lincoln. Democrat Copperhead leaders in Congress said in speeches a superior people will never accept an inferior people and a war of extermination was sure to occur if the Negro remained in America. Then, Copperhead Democrats and their newspaper organs set out to inflame public opinion against freeing the slave, against President Lincoln, the Civil War and against the American Negro population, in general.

Republican Congressman Davis in his statement touches on the Four Options to the Negro Question during his address to Congress. Go to this site below and in the box that says “Turn to image” enter page # “45″. Then, start reading the second paragraph of column 2:


Option Four, supported by Democrats, was systematic discrimination. Republicans said this will hurt the Republic because a large group of people economically oppressed, living among wealth, will become an eternal root of crime, violence and create perpetual wards of the state. Democrats said when two men stood at the door of opportunity, one black and one white, the white must be allowed in the door.

Go to the below link and in the box that says “Turn to image” enter page # “46″. Then, start reading the second paragraph of the third column:


It was Option Four, the Democrat Party policy of systematic “Negro” discrimination, that caused the modern black American’s current condition to take root in America. It was not and is not slavery that has damaged us as black Americans, it was the Democrat Party’s institutionalization of inter-generational racial discrimination that has caused so much damage to us as Americans that as long as America exist as a nation we will never overcome the socio-political-economic damage done to us by the Democrat Party doing those early generations after we gained our freedom from slavery in America.

The Democrat Party as a political strategy of institutionalized “Negro” discrimination implemented that policy by importing massive numbers of poor, ignorant European immigrants to serve as the cement locking us in a position of being continuously at a disadvantage. Wave after wave of incoming European peasants forced those early generations of black Americans off the lower rung of the economic ladder that kept us from making a smooth and easy transition from slave to free during this critical period of American history. It was the democrat party policy of “Negro” discrimination employing by the tactic of importing millions and millions of immigrants to block the freed slave’s social and economic progress, that created our persistent socio-political-economic problems that the Democrat Party of today politically exploits in urban America that was and is still controlled by the Democrat Party.

In 1863 there were 20 million whites in the country and 5 million blacks; 1 million free and 4 million slaves. Democrats looked at the population percentages and seeing the white majority took the position of what that Party viewed was the position of the majority on issues of race, not issues of the Republic. Racist Democrats focused on getting the “Democratic” majority instead of focusing on what was best for the Republic.

Remember, the American population was 25 million in 1865. Right after the civil war the Republican party suggested European immigration should be halted or slowed until the 4 million freed slaves were educated and held a firm grasp of the lower rung of the socio-economic ladder. Republicans took this position to reduce competition for entry level jobs between the ex-slave and the European immigrant.

The Democrat Party said immigration from Europe should be doubled, tripled. The flood gates of poor European immigrants should be opened. Democrats won the debate and by 1900 America’s population was 100 million. And several Democrat controlled Northern cities, Boston, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, experienced European immigrant race riots to halt the “Negroes” economic advancement. As the new immigrants came to America Democrat Party bosses would tell them Republicans were against the immigrant in favor of the Negro. Thus, beginning the blind hatred for Republicans that Democrats exploit in many people even today, 2009. Except today Democrats have instilled this blind hatred for Republicans among black Americans, as well.

The 2002 movie, Gangs of New York, is excellent for showing the socio-politicial-economic dynamics the Democrat Party set up to install racial discrimination against the newly freed slave producing the perpetual conditions that still oppress the black American today.


Democrat Party policies used incoming immigrants to create their barrior against Negro progress, producing immigrant race riots in any city the Democrat Party held political power enabling the Democrat Party to win political majorities in the urban, industrial North and the rural South starting in the late 1800′s and early 1900′s:








The Democrat Party, seeking to become the established majority party, won the race debate laying the foundation for modern American race relations that has produced high prison populations, urban crime, high murder rates in Democrat urban areas, welfare, and single parent black families. However, 95% of blacks vote for the Democrat Party, the party directly responsible for establishing the racism in America blacks seek the Democrats Party to correct.

The history of American racism is, in fact, the history of the Democrat Party decision to use racism against black Americans to become the majority political party in modern America. It was and continues to be the Democrat Party that was and is the source of racism in the American society. Racial discrimination against the black American was not a policy of America. Racial discrimination against the black American was not a policy of the Republican party. Racial discrimination against the black American was the official policy of the Democrat Party in the Jim Crow South; and, in the cities of the North controlled by the Democrat Party, which used millions of incoming European immigrants to create the wedge between economic opportunities and progress for black Americans. Today the Democrat Party exploits the black American condition that the Democrat Party established through the racist policies of the Democrat Party.

The Republican Party sought to protect the Republic as an on-going nation by protecting the tradition of “many people forming into one common people,” to enjoy life, liberty and happiness … in a stable Republic. The Democrat Party, is always using the worst of politics to bring out the worst in human nature, seeking to use elements of the worst of human nature to extract political majorities and gain political control. Historically, this is the very reason why the founding fathers did not establish this nation as a pure democracy but a representative Republic with democratic principles.

The American Democrat Party is the only American political party that murdered hundreds of their political opponents, Republicans. And, thousands of American citizens, black Americans, in US history.

On Feb 25, 1864, Republican H. W. Davis of Maryland responded to Democrat Party arguments about the present and future condition of Blacks in America. Remember Democrat Party racial policies of hatred against black Americans had not been instilled in America at this point in our nation’s history. Democrat policies in the Democrat controlled South and Democrat controlled Northern cities did produce the negative effects for black Americans that Republicans begged Democrats not to follow.

To read the Library of Congress – Congressional Globe passage for yourself where Davis addresses the Four Options during debates go to this site and in the box that says “Turn to image” enter page # “45″. Then, start reading the second paragraph of column 2:


Also, read the Library of Congress – Congressional Globe passage where Republican Davis appeals to the “better nature” of members of the Democrat Party to act as responsible public servants during debates and work for the good of the Republic and not use the situation to gather raw political power, as Democrats still do. Go to the below link and in the box that says “Turn to image” enter page # “46″. Then, start reading the entire third column:


Two things should become apparent, the Republican party position on the black American has remained the same from the 1860′s to 2009. We are Americans, first and last, not black Americans. Republicans still stand on these same principles. Democrats still operate by exploiting base human motivations, hate, greed, and class envy to gain a “majority” to establish a Democrat Party tyranny by the majority.

In 1888, in Boston, Republican George W. Gable, gave a speech to a group of “Negroes” about a troubling development in their voting patterns and the seven things the Negro must do to take his or her freedom in America. George W. Gable’s speech was printed in a book about his life, The Negro Question – A Selection of Writings on Civil Rights in the…. Pages 161 to 163 of the book, The Negro Question, addresses his fifth item of the things the Negro must do, where he cautioned the Negro audience to stop voting for Republicans just because Republicans were their only political supporters. He said Negroes must “keep your vote alive” because if one party, Republicans, knows it has your vote and the other party, Democrats, knows it can never get your vote, your vote is basically dead. You will end up getting nothing for your vote. But keeping your vote alive means both parties must compete for your vote and that will be best for the country. Many free blacks had nothing of value. No money, no property, poor jobs, nothing of value. The only things that was of value was their vote, it gave them a valuable franchise that should only go to the highest bidder offering the best return. Republican George Gable said to get the best return for that valuable vote politicians should not take their vote for granted. Republicans refused to exploit the black vote when it had the black vote.

During the same period in history the Democrat Party was responsible for the murder of numerous Republicans by the newly formed Ku Klux organization for going into the South to assist in the education and rehabilitation of the ex-slave doing the period of Southern Reconstruction. After the Democrat Party forced the end of Southern Reconstruction, Democrats were responsible for the murder of thousands of Negroes to stop them* from voting for Republicans in the South.

During the Jim Crow era of the South, when Democrats would not allow Negroes to attend public universities their taxes paid for. Wealthy Northern Republican industrialists financed Booker T. Washington’s building of the black college system in the South that still exist. Strangely, these same historically black colleges built by wealthy northern Republican industrialists today have left-wing liberal Democrat faculty members turning out liberal leftist black college students who assume Democrats built the colleges in the Democrat Jim Crow South where thousands of black Americans were lynched in a racially hostile environment perpetuated by the Democrat Party. This racial violence against black Americans was not done by other Americans out of pointless racial hatred. This racial violence against black Americans was always political in nature and done as part of the on-going racial discrimination policy of the Democrat Party!




The vast majority of black Americans, in the past and even today, lived and still live in areas of the country that are under Democrat Party political control. To escape Democrat Party lynchings and oppression our black grand parents and parents fled the Democrat Party Jim Crow South only to flee to Democrat Party controlled cities in the North filled with poor European immigrants the Democrat Party turned into rabid racism to block black economic progress. So, it was more killings of “Negroes” during white immigrant race riots fueled by Democrat Party political power bosses.

Now that the South is no longer under the control of the Democrat Party, black Americans are returning and enjoying peace, safety and happiness in those areas where Republicans have a strong political presence. However, in the South, during the era of the Jim Crow Democrat, black Americans were oppressed and murdered in those areas the Democrat Party used to hold political power. After Jim Crow Republicans have gained a measure of political power and black Americans are returning to the South to escape the misery, black-on-black homicides and the hopelessness the Democrat Party allows to exist in the Northern cities the Democrat Party controls. In fact, in all of the Democrat controlled areas of the country where black Americans live in large numbers today black Americans experience high murder rates, diseases rates, substance abuse levels, broken families, gang violence, unemployment, hopelessness, and the list goes on generation after generation will no end in sight. The only difference is that things are worst for the urban black American today then they were five years ago. And, things were worst five years ago then they were ten years ago. The trend is things are getting worst not better as black Americans continue to look for the Democrat Party to produce policies that are suppose to make things better.

This all indicates that the black American needs a second emancipation to truly be free, an emancipation from the Democrat Party to finally begin to overcome the damages of inter-generational racial discrimination instituted by the Democrat Party. Historically, whenever black Americans moved from one area into another area, it has always been, and still is, to escape the conditions created and maintained by the Democrat Party against black Americans. Can the Democrat Party deny their history?

The Democrat Party uses their shameful history of racial hatred and discrimination against black Americans and attempt to hang their history around the neck of the Republican party simply by showing that Republicans have a political presence in the South … today. However, this ignores the damage that generation after generation of Democrat Party policies that have destroyed the lives of millions of black Americans to create the current black American condition of poverty, which the Democrat Party exploits to steal the black American’s vote. (excellent point)

What urban American city, historically controlled by the Democrat Party, cities like New Orleans, where black Americans live in large numbers, can you point to, in real-life and meaningful ways, is a shining example of the benefits for the black American after giving the Democrat Party 95% of their votes, election after election? Today, in the many school systems of these same Democrat Party controlled cities, where is the evidence that black Americans are being properly educated and prepared to live an independent life from the Democrat Party without a perpetual need for handouts from the Democrat Party? In all Democrat Party controlled urban areas what is the high school drop-out rate for black American teens? On the other hand, point to an area of the modern South that black Americans avoid due to fear of Republican’s in political power in an area? Why are black Americans today moving back to the Republican South … after their parents, grand parents, great grand parents and great-great grand parents fled the Jim Crow Democrat Party South, many times for their lives? Members of the Democrat Party continuously throw the charge of racism in the face of Republicans, while the typical Republican doesn’t respond. We should respond! We must respond! I have hundreds of pages of original research that have never become part of the historical record of American race relations. While the Democrat Party led our Republic into the dark night of racism, many forgotten Republicans from over a hundred and fifty years ago wanted to lead America into a color blind society. The historical Republican position on race relations must be viewed in its proper historical context to fully understand the greatness of the Republican party. Otherwise, Democrats will continue to successfully hang the shame of years of Democrat Party racism around the Republican party neck.

(Holy Crap! You actually said this? Education. Republicans need to educate the public on the issues instead of responding to cheap shots from the other side with more cheap shots. They need to teach history, economics, foreign policy, Constitutional History, election facts, how our government works, immigration law, etc. Thanks for this article. It was interesting to read and informative. I also gave myself a quick refresher on Jim Crow laws, grandfathering, John Mercer Langston – what a man! )

I write this in the spirit and memory of John Mercer Langston, December 14, 1829 to November 15, 1897, who never approached the racist Democrat Party on bended knee, killing his spirit by selling his soul … only for the hope the racist Democrat Party might one day give him a piece of silver (buy me gas and pay my mortgage!).


About the Author: Dr. Larry O. Simmons is a black Republican from Detroit, MI.

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  2. Joseph Djan says:

    Thanks again Dr Simmons . I have much confidence that black people are intelligent people and given the chance to know the truth they will capitalize on to redeem our society . The task to accomplish this is faced with the opposition of a liberal dominated media but we cannot be silenced because gone are the days of the restricted access to information whereby only the privileged such as NY Times and others held the monopoly . Please keep on with more of such educative message.

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