Published on November 26th, 2012


The GOP Can’t Afford to Ignore Cities Anymore

This from Lydia DePillis a staff writer at The New Republic:

After a week of election postmortems, one thing is clear: Mitt Romney’s failure to understand America’s changing demographics led to his undoing. But there was another killer: Geography. Deep blue cities and their inner suburbs came out for Barack Obama, pulling the president through in battleground states like Colorado, Ohio, Virginia, and Florida. And they put him so far ahead in places like Wisconsin, Nevada, and Pennsylvania that Romney never really had a chance (not to mention his home base of Suffolk County, Massachusetts, which went 78 percent for the president).

Of course, this isn’t a new phenomenon. In 2008, Obama took cities even more convincingly, allowing him to win North Carolina and Indiana as well. But America is only growing more urban, with cities that had been losing population since the 1960s finally starting to swell again. Eventually, fast-growing blue cities like San Antonio, Houston, and Austin could bring even the GOP stronghold of Texas within the Democrats’ reach. In the long term, the stakes are high: Republicans could be relegated to permanent minority party status.

Read More: http://www.tnr.com/blog/plank/110074/the-gop-can%E2%80%99t-afford-ignore-cities-anymore

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2 Responses to The GOP Can’t Afford to Ignore Cities Anymore

  1. Marcus says:

    Republicans have boxed themselves into a corner with their anti-tax rhetoric and are being kept there by pitch fork wielding Tea Partiers. In order for an urban Republican to win in the inner-city they need to ditch the Tea Party and create there own platform. You cannot run on a ClubForGrowth/Libertarian/Dixie “slash the state” argument. If you run on a crazy/right-wing “rape is legitmate” platform, it gurantees defeat.

    But perhaps the folks at TP HQ already know that.

  2. truevoice4real says:

    Let’s be real about this..The GOP has actually lost the last 6 presidental elections…Stupid Bush stole both of his elections and we see what that got us..The problem with republicans is that they believe their own bullshit to the point of insanity…The racism in the GOP is so strong that Asian-Americans and Indian-Americans don’t vote got for the GOP..But I doubt that the racism in the GOP will stop mainly because the GOP is the last stand for white supremacy…Don’t believe me ..listen to racists like Bill O’Reilly , Swawn Hannity , Ann Coulter , Rush Limpballs , Michael Savage etc .. etc….They hate the fact that Mexicans are coming to this country but embraced the Russian area immigrants like it was Xmas..Even the Russian mafia was greeted with open arms but a young couple from Mexico trying to feed their families is all of a sudden a threat to the country…NO…they are a threat to white supremacy and unlike Black people they can draw on their culture and heritage…The loss of Romney should be a wake-up call to the Black community because the GOP will kiss the asses of the Hispaninc community and as always completely ignore the Black community..It is time for us to unite around BLACK PEOPLE….not a political party that ignores us and not a political party that takes us for granted…However we must use a little wisdom and realize that if the democrats are giving us a seat at the table …we must look at the menu and let then pick up the check….The GOP should be ashamed that there is ONE Black member of the GOP congress…How can you shout diversity when you can count the number of Blacks in the GOP congress on one hand…correction…ONE FINGER…The sad thing is the Black conservatives that defend the racist GOP are nothing but sheep …

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