Published on July 15th, 2013


Trayvon Martin: How The Liberal Media Manipulated Black People

Let’s not make any mistake about the fact that black people were victims under slavery and segregation. During these two eras it’s estimated that at least 10,000 black people were murdered through lynching, hanging, beatings or otherwise. That’s not to mention the obscenely discriminatory laws that black people had to survive under Jim Crow legislation. But in the past five decades since, the United States has moved far beyond that system. Laws that specifically targeted black people are no longer in existence and lynchings are a crime of the distant past. Yet by seeing how the liberal media is covering the Trayvon Martin case, it’s as if those days are still alive and well in the United States.

The media’s response to the case – and now the verdict – suggests to black people that white people and the U.S. government are out to put black people back “in chains” (thank you, Vice President Biden). How has the liberal media done this? By simply glossing over and, at times, completely ignoring the facts of the case.

The key issue that the liberal media has largely disregarded is who initiated physical contact. The incident between Zimmerman and Martin went somewhere along the lines of Zimmerman spotting Martin, Zimmerman then calling the police and being told that he didn’t “need to” follow Martin and then pursuing Martin anyway.

Yet, despite the media’s neglect, an important deciding factor for the jury in ruling for acquittal was who initiated the physical confrontation. This is because it’s vital to determining whether the defendant can legitimately claim self-defense. Realistically speaking, Zimmerman may well have stereotyped Martin for being black. And it’s been established that it wasn’t necessary for Zimmerman to follow Martin. But while stereotyping is wrong and can be illegal, it doesn’t become legally justifiable for the person being stereotyped to initiate a physical confrontation with the person stereotyping him. The same rule applies to the person being followed. But being physically confronted is grounds from which to claim self-defense. From a legal perspective, that left the jury with three possible options to consider in deciding whether to convict or acquit.

The first option was a scenario where Zimmerman initiated physical contact with Trayvon. If the prosecution had been able to prove that is what happened, it’s far more likely Zimmerman would’ve gone to prison. Simply put, it’s very difficult to initiate physical contact with someone you don’t know, get your butt whooped and then cry self-defense after shooting them. But the prosecution couldn’t prove that Zimmerman made first contact, which likely played a crucial role in ruling out conviction. The second option to consider was a scenario where Martin made first physical contact. If the defense had been able to prove this, Zimmerman would’ve undoubtedly gone free. But the defense couldn’t prove that Martin made first contact. So the jury couldn’t acquit on those grounds. Hence, the third option is the non-scenario the jury had to accept. This is the fact that they simply couldn’t discern who initiated physical contact. And when the jury doesn’t know all the facts, Innocent Until Proven Guilty takes precedence. The result is that Zimmerman rightfully walked out a free man.

 But more importantly, the Trayvon Martin case is symbolic of the liberal media’s attempt to keep black people in a mindset that they are still victims of institutionalized racism. It’s further symbolic of how they want to keep black people and the rest of the country in the non-competitive, economically backward era of the Big Government 1960’s. This initiative is on clear display in the media’s reaction to the verdict. The entire left is in a chorus portraying the United States as a country where white people and the U.S. government are free to shoot black people without consequence as they did under Jim Crow. The major problem with their argument is that lynching is history, and black on black violent crime is far more prevalent that white on black violent crime.Translation: It’s safer for a black man to walk through a white neighborhood than it is to walk through a black neighborhood.

In addition, the U.S. economy would never be able to compete in the 21st Century Global Economy with the high tax, high regulation U.S. government policies of the 1960’s. We’d be sunk. Yet, the hypocrisy of the liberal media’s narrative is that the problems in Black America today aren’t nearly so much rooted in slavery and segregation as they are in the big government welfare policies liberals themselves enacted. These policies directly led to higher crime rates, drug abuse rates and non-marital childbirth rates among black people. In addition, liberals control the public education system that the vast majority of the black population is graduated from. The result is a child-through-adulthood process where black children are indoctrinated in liberal ideology in many of these schools practically from the day they walk through the front door. And then, when they graduate, become willing recipients of liberal media propaganda and nonsense. That’s not to say that his doesn’t happen with people of other ethnic backgrounds as well. It just happens at a higher rate with black people.

The way that the liberal media is manipulating the minds of black people then leads to an even worse problem. It simply makes life worse for black Americans. The reason is that liberals have a vested political interest in expanding government. There’s no better way to do this than by telling people that they’re victims. The big trouble with this is that, in the 21st Century Global Economy, the rest of the world is moving in the opposite direction by going from big government toward more capitalism and economic freedom.

In Latin America, Latinos are becoming wealthier and the overall standard of living has improved as a direct result of policies in which government has handed increasing power over to the private sector. In the Far East, Asians are experiencing the same progress.They too continue to get wealthier off the free enterprise system and 21st Century Global Economy. Here in the United States and in Europe, despite the present day economic problems, white people will continue to generate greater wealth. Even the Middle East and Africa are changing. But liberals here in America continue to keep Black America in a big government psychological mindset that existed in this country decades ago. And the liberal media can never admit its own mistakes. So its only means of staying in power is to therefore tell black people that in the year 2013 white people and the U.S. government are still out to persecute them.

The result is that the rest of the world is largely leaving black Americans behind.


About the Author: Brian Becker was born and raised in New York City. He works in the sales industry and is presently making a career change to get involved in the political sphere. He’s currently producing a documentary about race relations in the United States.

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3 Responses to Trayvon Martin: How The Liberal Media Manipulated Black People

  1. Mike says:

    It’s interesting to hear such a general ignorant statement regarding how the Liberal Media manipulated black people is embarassing to say the least. There are many educated liberal and conservative black people who refuse to be manipulated by articles like these and misinformed unresearched dogma.

    You should first begin a head count of blacks in America from all walks of their minds and tell us if they have been manipulated. Have you been manipulated into thinking that Blacks are manipulated? We are some of the most intelligent and informed people on this Earth..Don’t be fooled.

    • Brian says:

      Mike, no one is saying that every black person is allowing themselves to be manipulated. The column clearly states that this is happening with black people in the highest percentage. In addition, the media is referencing people such as Emmett Till and Medgar Evers. Unfortunately, the majority of white people don’t know who they were. But certainly, most black people do. As well, the media is coming up with terms such as “white Hispanic.” The subtle message to black people? They’re non-black. This is how the media is directly attempting to target market black people and give them information that is clearly misleading. It doesn’t mean that every black person is buying it.

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